CAMENA uses extremely sensitive technology to precisely position the artwork in the optimum viewing position.

CAMENA was developed with the help of art experts from museums, collections, i nsurances, restorers and highly qual ified engineers.

CAMENA thus guarantees a completely safe and ,,art-appropriate” handling of your pictures. 

You can indulge completely in the enjoyment of art, looking at your pictures. CAMENA works silently in the background.


Optionally, CAMENA stores your pictures in a theftproof, fireproof and air-conditioned environment.
We can equip CAMENA with state-of-the-art alarm and fire extinguishing devices, specially adapted to the needs of art.
Whether permanently installed in your building or as a mobile version – your images are stored securely and can still be viewed at any time.


In the standard version, CAMENA accommodates 40 pictures of maximum 1.50 m x 1.80 m.

The external dimensions of CAMENA are 6.0 m x 2.50 m x 2.50. This means: on a front surface of only 6.0 m, 70 m running picture length can be presented!

Customized concepts of CAMENA can handle pictures up to 3.00 m x 4.00 m.
CAMENA is a flexible system that can be individually integrated as a tailor-made solution in existing building structures or in new architectural concepts.

The modular concept of mechanics allows a wide variety of applications. Basically, the system dimensions can be adapted and realized almost to any customer’s requirements.


CAMENA is a forward-looking device to showcase art in places that have previously been inaccessible.

CAMENA can be operated as a mobile unit for the presentation of artworks in a 20-foot container structure. This opens up all degrees of freedom.

For example, CAMENA can be placed in one ore more glass containers to show art in public places.

CAMENA brings art to people – wherever they are!


For events, exhibitions and all imaginable formats with an artistic focus, completely new perspectives are offered: art becomes mobile and thus accessible to all interest groups – a sensible further development of the traditional presentation of artistic diversity.

The CAMENA Exhibition variant is a transportable version of the system. A large number of pictures can be stored in a compact manner and presented in an appealing way.

How about a compact and mobile museum based on the CAMENA principle?