Each member of our team is a thought leader who has made important contributions to our company. Everyone brings unique skills and expertise to our team. lndividually we are motivated experts, together we are unbeatable.

lrene + Dr. Karl-Josef Brockmanns

lrene + Dr. Karl-Josef Brockmanns

Art is our passion!

For almost 30 years we have been running a gallery near Dusseldorf, Germany. and present contemporary art by national and international artists. We love projects with kids and teenagers, where we introduce them to the arts.

In 2017 we have founded our pop-up gallery
art-e-motion Ltd„ to organize exhibitions in Germany and Europe.

Likewise. we are passionate art collectors and have built up a collection of contemporary art with ‘”art-in-motion world”, which we are constantly expanding.

Especially Karl·Josef has a nose for talented artists and loves to promote them.

For CAMENA. our trades – art and engineering – merge into a system that we have developed with enthusiasm end expertise.

We believe that art can come to the people!

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Chris Färber

Chris Färber

Art and engineering in person.

Engineer, art lover, musician, philosopher and a nice guy.

He has been involved in R&D and marketing for  decades, traveling and getting to know most of the world. CAMENA  introduced him to the arts and he already feelss very well there. A true all·rounder that can support you on all topics.


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Helmut Lochner

Helmut Lochner

Engineer with understanding of art.

He worked for some decades as sales director, transporting high technology and experience to customers all over the world. He was working only for products, which he was convinced of. Art will become now his additional passion because lrene und Karl-Josef convinced him regarding their ideas.


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